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  • Elegant Design: Elevate your living room or balcony with the Luxury Modern Armchair Sofa, a piece that exudes elegance and sophistication.

  • Nordic Style: Embrace the beauty of Nordic style with this armchair, adding a touch of minimalist charm to your living spaces.

  • Luxury Comfort: Sink into plush comfort with the soft and inviting cushioning, making it the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this armchair combines luxury with durability.

  • Versatile Furniture: Whether used in your living room or on your balcony, this armchair is a versatile addition to your home decor.

  • Statement Piece: The armchair's modern design and sleek lines make it a stunning statement piece that captures attention.

  • Easy to Match: Its neutral tones and timeless design easily complement various decor styles, offering a seamless fit in any setting.

  • Reliable and Sturdy: Enjoy the assurance of a sturdy and reliable armchair built to last for years.

  • Balcony Bliss: Transform your balcony into a cozy and inviting space with this armchair, perfect for enjoying the outdoors in style.

  • Create a Luxury Set: Pair this armchair with complementary pieces to create a complete luxury living room set that reflects your style.




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25 kg

Care Instructions

  • Regular Cleaning: Vacuum or gently brush the sofa regularly to remove dust and debris, especially in the crevices and seams.
  • Spot Cleaning: In the event of spills or stains, blot the affected area immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid rubbing, as it can set the stain. For deeper cleaning, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for specific upholstery care products.
  • Protect from Sunlight: Avoid placing the sofa in direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can cause fading or discoloration of the upholstery fabric.
  • Rotate and Fluff Cushions: Regularly rotate and fluff the cushions to ensure even wear and maintain their shape.
  • Keep Pets Away: If you have pets, use pet-friendly furniture covers or take precautions to prevent damage from claws or accidents.
  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Keep sharp objects away from the sofa to prevent accidental damage or punctures to the upholstery.
  • Professional Cleaning: Consider professional upholstery cleaning services periodically to maintain the sofa's cleanliness and appearance.
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